get in the best shape of your life
with personal training

Our personal trainers will help you land results! no more wasting time!

You’ll received personalized attention, training, and strategies to help you finally hit your fitness goals.

Stop wasting time

Stop wasting time working out on your own! When you work out on your own, you risk hitting your goals because you could be doing workout that are ineffective to what you want to achieve. 

With 1 on 1 coaching, this will never be an issue! You’ll know exactly what to do and how much time to do it in. We’ll show you exactly what you need to do to hit your goals so you don’t waste time

Reduce risk of injury

It’s no secret that your form MUST be correct in order to hit your target goals and avoid injury. When you work with us, we’ll show you exactly how to do each move so that you can exercise safely and effectively.

customized to you

Every person is unique, and you might have unique requirements or restrictions that only our personal trainers can effectively help you with.

For example, you might have a fear of using certain machines or equipment that we can help you with or work around. Or, you might have an old injury and need exercises that will take that into consideration.
1 on 1 coaching makes training personal. That means taking into account all the things that make you unique, and designing the workout around that.

you're 1 step closer to getting this kind of transformation

who is this for?

This program is meant for you if you want personalized training that takes into consideration your unique needs.


This program is not designed for you if you are not located near the DFW area. This package is offered in person at our gym.



Personalized Training

When you choose this plan, you have to ability to schedule unlimited in-person training sessions with your trainer. Never worry that you're using a machine incorrectly again. We''ve got your back.

Weekly Meal Plan

We'll provide you with an updated meal plan weekly so that you hit whatever your fitness goal is. Having your meal plan updated weekly will ensure you don't hit any plateaus which can prolong your progress.

Get Started

1 on 1 coaching will help you set realistic, achievable goals and push you to reach them.

On your own, it’s hard to know what goals are good for you. You may want to see progress right away, and get discouraged when you don’t.

When you work with us, we’ll help you design a plan that works for you, we’ll help you stay motivated, and we’ll help you reach your goals. You’re never alone when you have us by your side.

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